PARTYLINE - Safety Tips

Welcome to the Partyline, Safety Tips
The principles that you live your life by on the outside are what you should apply when using this service. There is a list of Safety Tips below which can only point out certain things that we feel you should consider when using the Service or if you should continue contact with a user outside the Service.
They are things that you no doubt already apply to your everyday life. Simply apply common sense and use your best judgement. Remember, you are responsible for your own behaviour. But most importantly, enjoy the Service and have fun; we hope you find what you are looking for!

Your details are your own business
Unless you want the world to know where you live or what your contact details are, don’t speak of them.

Don’t suffer fools lightly
You are entitled to use the Service whenever or wherever you like, not when someone else does. You are in control. Do not put up with any form of harassment, persistent annoyance or abuse;

When the meet happens
Partyline is not about dating, it’s about getting out of it what pleases you. It’s not a dating agency that provides you with endless profiles until you find one that you agree to talk to or one that will agree to talk to you! It’s about having adult fun with other adults, who like you, will all have their own agendas and expectations. What you do all have in common, is that you are all using the Partyline, a good common ground. It’s about using the most convenient and latest communication tools available today, to safely explore other people’s lives and share experiences. Inevitably, when relationships begin and flourish, be it out of expectancy, inquisitiveness, or simply sexual desire, maybe you’ll just have to meet.
Just please be careful. Aim to have developed a good understanding of the person through the Service and their expectations before you arrange a meet.

Once again, use your common sense:

If you have any questions or queries regarding these Safety Tips, please contact us by writing to Modeva, Unit 1 Courtyard Business Park, Orchard Lane, Blackrock, County Dublin or by emailing us at customer@partyline.ie.

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